Lørdag 30. juli

Leve med en Canaan 😉

Matte er med i en Canaan-gruppe på Facebook, der har hun samlet et knippe utsagn fra hva andre mener og sier om rasen Canaan. Jeg fant ut at jeg skulle kopiere disse utsagnene hit inn på min blogg. Det veldig mange som lurer på hvorfor matte har en «sånn rar rase», og hun er faktisk blitt lei seg og såret over enkeltes kommentarer. Jeg er nok ingen lett rase, og jeg er heller ikke en rase som alle kan ha……men min kjære matte kan definitivt ha meg 🙂 Noe jeg selvsagt er veldig glad for.

Her er noen av uttalelsene, på engelsk. Dere som ikke leser engelsk kan jo bruke Google translater (http://translate.google.com/?hl=no#no|en|)

 Below you can read what other owners of Canaan says of this wonderful breed.

Myrna Shiboleth;

We humans have decided that dogs have to follow human rules for behavior, and for this reason we have created hundreds of breeds of dog, whose temperament and behavior has been modified to fit in with what WE consider to be correct behavior…. The Canaan behaves in correct dog behavior – one does not survive if one does not keep other dogs out of your territory, one is not blindly obedient, it is necessary to be totally alert to everything happening, and barking is one essential form of communicating to the rest of the pack, pack relations are essential and holding your position in the pack is very important, and cooperation is vital – but mutual relationahips, not «slave-master» relationships. These characteristics, of a real, natural dog, make him «difficult» – well, there are plenty of easy breeds for those who want them! To live with Canaans requires learning a great deal about what a dog really is, and not expecting him to be the only one to «give in» – sometimes, if we take the time to understand him, we can see that he is totally correct. That is the challenge and the fascination of the Canaan – the necessity for mutuality. But the Canaan is not a dog to run loose in dog parks, or for someone who can’t put up with some barking and «disobedience». I, on the other hand, find it impossible to live with dogs that are totally well mannered, always behave right, are completely obedient – and boring!

Amanda Pough;

My terrier friends still ask me why CDs. But both Border Terriers and Canaan Dogs think «outside the box.» They will work *with* you, not necessarily just because you say so. Smart dogs aren’t easy to live with, but they make you think too — and def’ly keep me laughing!

Gretchen Jason Smith;

 They are a smart breed and i love that about them, now in terms with what is negative would be hmmmmmm honestly nothing I really love everything about them there are a unique, smart and special breed. To just be able to have a glimps of a Life with a canaan is pretty darn cool, There History and makeup is what makes them so special. We choose to have a canaan dog because this breed suited us as a couple. I grew up with German Shepards, My husband with cockers….. and we are fully aware that Canaan Dogs are NOT for everyone… You have to be on your toes with these guys… 🙂

Kirsten Hansson;

 They are a primitive breed, we know it when we fall in love with them and let them adopt us.

I’m sure they’re not always 100% contempt with our human behaviour but still they take us as we are and make the best of it.

And so should we!

We can never forget about their inheritance and always remember that they live among us because we put them in that situation.

They are an amazing breed, in all ways – for all the good stuff and for all the «bad» stuff.

♥ ♥ ♥

Dorey Harman;

 What I love and hate about the Canaan is their intelligence. They are the most amazing study in dog psychic because they haven’t been dinked with by man. This makes them more in tuned into people than even my Frenchies who were bred to be companions. It’s when they are trying to out smart me and do something they think should be allowed, but isn’t, that gets really annoying. You can’t slack off when around them. It’s like being in a constant chess game with someone that plays at the same level as you, or maybe a little above. Both of you have to be thinking 5 moves ahead to prevent from losing the game. They would gladly win the game with a smile their face, then set up the board for another game, to see if they can get you again.

Myrna Shiboleth;

 Canaans are 100% dog, just as the dog was created originally. They agree to share their lives with us, and probably consider that we have plenty of liabilities – but in the long run, the friendship is worth it…!

Veldig vakker, eller hva?


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